DIY Bunny Nose Mask

Yesterday we shared our eggstremely cute Spring eggs to keep your young people busy over this weekend. Click here to have a go at creating your own Spring eggs.  

These easy Bunny Nose Masks are a great spring craft and also really simple! 

Encouraging your children and young people to get involved in arts and crafts can really benefit their physical and social development. Plus it’s a great way to allow them to express themselves. Getting crafty can help bring out any hidden emotions. 

So, let’s hop to it! 

What you will need

  • Popsicle sticks
  • ​White paper 
  • ​Large and mini pom poms 
  • ​Pipe cleaners 
  • ​A glue gun 
  • ​Scissors 


Remember – the glue gun can get very hot so make sure an adult is helping you!

1. To make your bunny’s teeth, cut out a rectangle in your white paper. You can either draw a line down the middle to make teeth or cut a line halfway down the middle. Dab a small amount of glue to the top of your popsicle stick and attach the teeth. Tip – use our picture to help! 

2. We used two large pom poms as rabbit cheeks! Glue them over the top part of your teeth so you can no longer see the top of the rectangle.

3. Grab your mini pom pom and glue it in between your large pom pom’s, this makes the cute bunny nose!

4. Lastly, cut your pipe cleaners into three equal lengths and dab some glue to the back of your popsicle stick. Don’t forget to bend your pipe cleaners so they are pointing in different directions!

Don’t forget to send us your bunny mask creations! 

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