Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Does social media affect your mental health?

Check out our top tips below for positive social media well-being!

Social Media can offer so many benefits; it allows you to have the ability to connect with other people all over the world, it can raise awareness for a particular cause you might be interested in and it can be a positive way to express yourself and your opinions!

Did you know on average the population spends two hours every day sharing and liking social media posts? And this year Prince Harry warned BBC that social media can be dangerous for young people’s mental health.

There are so many apps and social media platforms that allow you to edit and completely change your appearance. But does changing how you look give unrealistic and unattainable lifestyles.
Logging on to your social media platforms you may be confronted with images of people who are paid to post pictures which may set an unreal expectation for how you should live, what your relationships should be like and what you should look like.

It’s important to remember to be the best version of who you can be, you are wonderful, and you don’t need to look a certain way. Social media should be there for you to have fun and it’s important to make sure you are looking after your well-being!

If you are feeling upset or anxious when you look online, scroll down for some of our tips.

  • Follow people that bring you joy.
  • Use people’s posts as inspiration and not as a comparison.
  • Schedule your social media time.
  • Do something that makes you happy! This could be a walk, taking yourself on a date, meeting a friend, going to the gym or reading a good book.
  • Have a purpose when your scrolling, try to avoid mindless browsing.
  • Control your comments or turn off commenting so you don’t need to read any negative comments from followers.
  • Listen to a positive podcast, this will give your eyes a break and there are so many podcasts that encourage mindfulness and positive well-being.
  • Disable notifications this might stop you regularly checking apps to see how many likes you have or how many comments you’ve received.

Remember that reality is not perfect, and pictures are just the snapshots of the best parts of people’s lives, everyone has bad days and what they post is what they want people to see.

If social media is impacting your life negatively and you are struggling to find a positive outlet, then don’t forget to talk about how you are feeling!

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