Empty Nest Syndrome

Are you an Empty Nester?
Do you feel lost without your Young Person?
Lets find out if you could fill your empty nest by fostering a Looked-After-Child!

This Summer you may have become an empty nester, you might be excited for the child-free space, the free time to try a new hobby (or start up an old hobby) and don’t forget less cooking!

Or you might be thinking, “now what?” You’ve spent all these years caring for someone and now they’ve grown up and left, you may feel a bit lost and upset. Did you know this is called “Empty Nest Syndrome?”

These feelings are natural and the key is to acknowledge these feelings and keep your mind busy!

There’s plenty of things out there you can do; join a new club, attend a support group or rediscover an old hobby!

Between 2016 and 2017 there were approximately 96,000 Looked-After-Children in the UK! And that number only continues to increase every year.

So the question is, could you turn your empty nest into a loving home?

You’ve already experienced raising a family, you’ve been there for your children through the good days and the bad. You’ve supported your child and created memories you will never forget. So what about the thousands of children who are still looking for a safe home, support and love?
These children and young people are urgently looking for a home and with the skills and experience you have already had you could provide them with a life they deserve!

Want to know more? Take our test to see if you have what it takes.
Click the picture below!

Do you still have some questions?
No worries check out our Q&A!

Do I need qualifications?
No, we do not ask for any specific qualifications but some experience of caring for children does help!

What kind of children need fostering?
We have all kinds of children and young people that need foster placements.
They can be ranged from babies up to teenagers or even parents with babies.
However, the reason that children and young people come into care can vary, some may have been abused or neglected, some of their parent’s may be suffering from a short-term illness, depression or drug/alcohol abuse. Every child is unique and each of their circumstances will be unique to them.

I’m not sure if fostering is right for me?
First thing you can do is complete our quick and free online quiz, this will tell you if you would be eligible to foster. You can speak to one of our Supervising Social Workers, request an information pack or message us on Facebook.

Do I get a say in who I would like to foster?
Yes, all our placements are carefully matched, you get an assessor who would discuss what age and type of children/Young People you would like to offer placements to.

Can I still work?
Many of our Foster Carers continue working, however the agency would need to discuss it as every situation is different.
You may need to be available at certain times within working hours to attend meetings or to supervise your young person if they are unable to attend school. 

Do I receive any training?
Yes, we offer regular training. We also provide support groups, events for our Foster Carers and 24-hour support.

Do I need to be married?
No, some of our Foster Carers are married, some are single, and some are in long term partnerships.

Do I need to own my home?
No, but you do need to be able to provide a foster child/young person with their own bedroom.

So, Will fostering fill your empty nest…

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