GCSE Results Day!

GCSE Results Day 2019 has arrived!
BUT, did you know the grading system has changed?
Take a look at our Q&A below for more information!

Collecting exam results is a major stepping stone and can be really stressful.
Is your Young Person celebrating today? Or do they have some difficult decisions to now make? Even if your Young Person didn’t receive the results they were hoping for, there a lots of amazing opportunities out there!

You may have noticed that the UK have changed their grading system, instead of the familiar A* to G, it’s now 9 to 1!
Please refer to our comparison table below, which will hopefully help you understand the new system.

Wondering what happens after you receive your GCSE results?
Take a look at our handy GCSE results Q&A below.

Can I challenge my results?

Yes, you can! This can only be done through your school or college, there will be a fee if the classes end up being changed and you also run the risk of the mark going down.

Do I have to do A-Levels?

No! If you do not think A-Levels are right for you there are other paths you can take. BTEC College courses or Apprenticeships may suit you better and both can lead you onto University if that’s what you are reaching for.

I’m fed up of School and feel like I’ve outgrown it! Help!

Studying at sixth form or further education tend to be a different atmosphere, for example, you don’t have to wear a uniform and the environment is generally more mature.

Can I just leave School now?

It depends where you live but if you are in England you have to do one of the following until you are 18.
Stay in full-time education
Start an apprenticeship
Spend 20 hours or more a week volunteering while in part-time education or training.

Do GCSE results matter when I apply to my chosen Uni?

A competitive University may want to see your GCSE results to help decide whether to take you or a different candidate, however, if you have a strong application and have a good interview they may look past some GCSE results which you may have struggled with.
Some Universities may demand specific passes in GCSE’s but they may also look at predicted grades at A-level or equivalent.

If you need more advice then remember that your school careers teachers are a great place to start and there is lots of information online to look at.

You can also call the Exam Results Helpline on 0800 100 900 which is open for students in the UK until the 29th August 2019.

Good luck everyone!

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