Fostering motivates A-Level Results

Can you be a Fostering Hero and help our Young People Succeed?

Super heroes may be fictional but we believe the real heroes are our Carers and the Young People that pack up their world to commence a new period in their lives, be it for a short term or long term.

Every Saturday we celebrate our Young People by sharing their achievements or positive experiences on our Social Media platforms. #ShoutOutSaturday allows us to remind our Young People that it’s important to remember to be proud of your achievements no matter how big or small they are. Small achievements are a reminder that you are still improving, even if thing’s haven’t worked out exactly the way you planned.

Let’s look at some inspiring former Looked-After-Children who have made a difference to the world with their achievements.

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  • Kriss Ajabusi (British former sprint and hurdling track and field athlete. Motivational speaker and television presenter.)
  • Frank Bruno (British former boxer who competed from 1982 to 1996)
  • John Bird (British social entrepreneur best known for being the founder of The Big Issue)
  • Dilly Braimoh (Freelance journalist, producer and television presenter)
  • Pandora Christie (UK radio presenter, TV presenter and ambassador for the “Fostering Network” a UK Fostering Charity)
  • Charlie Chaplin (English comic actor, composer and filmmaker during the silent film era)
  • Brian Connolly (Scottish singer/songwriter and actor)
  • Teresa Cooper (Author, speaker and children’s right campaigner against child abuse)
  • Coco Chanel (French fashion designer and business woman)
  • Alexandra Danilova (Russian-born ballerina)
  • Justin Fashanu (English footballer)
  • Ella Fitzgerald (American jazz singer)
  • Antwone Fisher (American director, screenwriter, author, and film producer)
  • Goldie/Clifford Price (English musician, DJ and actor)
  • James Gooding (Former model and photographer)
  • Michael Groce (Poet)
  • Paolo Hewitt (Music journalist and writer)
  • Deborah Harry (American singer “Blondie”, songwriter, model and actress)
  • Mo Jamil (Winner of the Sixth Series of the Voice UK)
  • Lennie James (English actor known for “Walking Dead”, screenwriter, and playwriter)
  • Kerry Katona (British Singer and television personality)
  • Subrina Kidd (Fashion Show and “The Collective” salon hairstylist)
  • John Lennon (Singer for “The Beatles,” and peace activist)
  • Stewart Lee (English stand-up comedian, director and writer)
  • Jane Lapotaire (English actress)
  • Marilyn Monroe (American actress, model, and singer)
  • Neil Anthony Morrissey (Actor best known for “Men behaving badly” and his role in “Waterloo Road.”)
  • Jenny Molloy (Times Bestselling author known for writing her experiences about being a looked after child. “When I went into care, I remember getting my first quilt and being allowed to choose my first quilt cover. I chose strawberry short cake”)
  • Eddie Murphy (American comedian, actor, screen writer, singer, and film producer)
  • Harry Martinson (Swedish author, former sailor and poet)
  • Bruce Oldfield (British fashion designer)
  • Benjamin Perks (Diplomat who specializes in human rights in low to middle income countries. Benjamin has been advocating for the quality of education, child protection, health and justice sector reform.)
  • Edgar Allan Poe (American writer and editor)
  • Victoria Rowell (American actress, writer, producer and dance)
  • Lemm Sissay (British author and broadcaster)
  • Robyn Smith (Female Jockey)
  • Henry Samuel/Seal (British singer and songwriter)
  • Mike Tyson (American former professional boxer)
  • Harold “Gary” Wilmot (English singer, actor, and comedian)
  • Fatima Whitbread (British former javelin thrower and two-time Olympic medallist, recently known for her appearance in “I’m a Celebrity. Get me out of here!”)
  • Choi Yong-sool (Founder of the martial art Hapkido)

Our Carers do an amazing job at supporting our Young People to build brighter futures.
If you would like to help a Young Person’s future by giving them support, love and a safe place to live, click HERE.

Our childhoods mould our beliefs, thoughts and perspectives on life and sometimes experiencing hard times can have a major effect on us. But it’s so important to use experiences good or bad to cultivate and empower a positive mindset to achieve any dreams and ambitions you have.


Kriss Ajabusi
Frank Bruno
John Bird
Dilly Braimoh
Pandora Christie
Charlie Chaplin
Brian Connolly
Teresa Cooper
Coco Chanel
Alexandra Danilova
Justin Fashanu
Ella Fitzgerald
Antwone Fisher
Goldie/Clifford Price
James Gooding
Michael Groce
Paolo Hewitt
Deborah Harry
Mo Jamil
Lennie James
Kerry Katona
Subrina Kidd
John Lennon
Stewart Lee
Jane Lapotaire –
Marilyn Monroe
Neil Anthony Morrissey
Jenny Molloy
Eddie Murphy
Harry Martinson –
Bruce Oldfield
Benjamin Perks
Edgar Allan Poe
Victoria Rowell –
Lemm Sissay
Robyn Smith
Henry Samuel/Seal
Mike Tyson
Harold “Gary” Wilmot
Fatima Whitbread
Choi Yong-sool

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