Hidden Emoji Meanings

It’s World Emoji Day!!!

Emojis are small pictures that are used in text to show emotion or to replace a written word, sometimes they can be innocent and sometimes they can have a deeper meaning.

I’m sure we all know what emojis are, but did you know they can have hidden meanings?

Entire conversations can be ‘said’ without saying a word, with the rise of emojis it’s left plenty of people in the dark and it’s never been so easy for Young People to keep their conversations in secret

We are not suggesting that all Young People use these emojis for their hidden meaning but it’s always good to be aware.

From threats, sexual invitations to drug references, look below at the unofficial meanings behind the emojis.

🍑 – Peach is a easy one! Bum!
🍆🍌 – These phallic fruits can be used to represent a penis
💦 – Splash symbol can be used to mean orgasm
🏩 – Love Hotel can be used to represent a brothel
😶 – The silent face could be used to threaten someone to keep quiet
💊 – The pill has been used by drug dealers to let people know they have heroin for sale
❄ – A snowflake is sometimes used to represent cocaine
🍁 – The Maple leaf! Known for Weed/Drugs
🚀 – The Rocket is used by Drug dealers to show that their products have a high potency
👀 – Eyes mean send a sexy selfie
🔥 – Fire = HOT HOT!
📬 – The mailbox is a strange one! This can be used to represent sex
🍒 – Cherries represent breasts
🎞 – Filmstrip can represent a X-rated video
👯 – Two bunny ladies may mean sex workers

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