Children’s Art Week

What are sensory activities?
Sensory activities are anything that engages someone’s senses, this could be hearing, touch and sight. It’s not just for children who have difficulty with sensory integration, it’s all children that can benefit from sensory play.

How do sensory activities benefit Young People?

  1. Sensory play supports language development, problem solving skills, social interaction and cognitive growth
  2. Sensory play is very calming so can help a Young Person who is feeling anxious or frustrated
  3. Sensory play aids in developing and enhancing memory functioning
  4. Sensory play helps children learn vitally important sensory attributes
Ingredients for our children friendly slime

PVA glue (clear or white)
Bicarbonate of soda
Food colouring or liquid paint
Contact lens solution (it must have boric acid in as an ingredient)


Any decorative items you want to add (we used glitter)
Baby oil to stop the slime being sticky
Shaving foam to make the slime fluffy


  • Pour the glue into a bowl, there is no set amount so add in depending on how much slime you would like
  • Add in Bicarbonate of Soda, we added in ½ a tsp and then mixed
  • Add in food colouring or paint and mix
  • Add in glitter or decorative items that you would like to personalise your slime with
  • If you would like to add in shaving foam do so now, cover the glue in foam and mix well
  • Drop in contact lens solutions gradually whilst mixing, keep doing this until the slime comes together and leaves the sides of the bowl clean
  • Knead by hand
  • If you would like to add baby oil do so now to stop the slime becoming sticky

There are a lot of useful ways of communicating rather than just using language, sometimes we rely on spoken language a lot and that can make young people switch off. They can get a lot of people talking at them and sometimes it’s information overload, or it’s too complex a concept and doing this really simplifies this interaction.

There are different ways to communicate with young people and it doesn’t have to be art but it’s a really fun way to connect with your Young Person. You can get friends together and you can all get involved.

So go get crafty!

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