Share a Story Month

It’s National Share a Story Month! This celebration takes place every year throughout May, this helps to celebrate storytelling and fulfil the core aim of bringing children and stories together.

Look below for a selection of books which are targeted towards Foster Carers/Parents which include stories about looked-after-children or written to help with struggles Young People may experience.
Some books even include tips for adults on how to help support with Young People that have experienced trauma and upsetting events.

Take a look at our list here: W

The Mermaid who couldn’t by Ali Redford
Abandoned by her mother, Mariana the Mermaid has never laughed, played or learnt how to swim. However, she soon meets Muriel the Turtle, who takes her in as her own and welcomes her to be a part of her family and teaches a song which teaches her how to feel confident allowing her to be ready to join in with the other mermaids. (Ages 4+)

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima
Kelp is growing up in the big blue ocean, but Kelp is a little different he can’t swim as good as everyone else, his tusks don’t look the same and he doesn’t enjoy the food. So maybe he isn’t like his Narwhal family? This book follows the adventures of Kelp finding out who is really is. The overall message about fitting in, standing out and the thoroughgoing love of family. (Ages 4+)

Boo who? By Ben Clanton
Boo Who follows a little ghost called Boo who is struggling to fit in. Boo finds out that although everyone is nice, he can’t play their games. Boo finds it scary until he finds his own special talent. (Ages 3-7)

Parents Wanted by George Harrar
Parents wanted is a book geared towards older children but is a great read to provide a good resource for showing children they are not alone.
The main character is called Andrew he is twelve and has ADD. After being in eight foster homes and having a bad experience from his biological parents Andrew struggles and this makes him constantly challenge authority. However, all Andrew wishes for a loving home. Andy meets Laurie and Jeff who become his new parents and they refuse to give up on him. (Ages 9-12)

Murphy’s Three Homes by Jan Levinson
Murphy is a happy and playful dog who gets told he is a ‘good luck dog.’ The story follows Murphy who goes through two different homes which makes him feel the opposite to a ‘good luck dog’. Until he is placed in a new and caring foster home. (Ages 3-6)

The Star by Cynthia Lovell
The star is a short story to help young children understand Foster Care. The book follows a young girl, Kit, who on her first night becomes friends with a star. The star tells Kit stories about the other foster children it has seen. (Ages 3+)

Finding the right spot: When kids can’t live with their parents by Janice Levy
Finding the right spot is a book about a young girl living with her foster parents, it follows her emotions and the ups and downs of being separated from her mother. (Ages 6-9)

In Our Mothers House by Patricia Polacco This book follows a loving family who are just like any other family on the block. But some other families don’t accept them because they have two mums. Marmee and Meema teach their children that just because they are different it doesn’t mean they are wrong. (Ages 6-8)

Shaoey And Dot: Bug Meets Bundle by Mary Beth Chapman
Inspired by a true story this book follows the journey of an abandoned baby who gets befriended by a lady bug. Dot promises to stay with Shaoey until she finds her forever family. (Ages 5-6)

Cyril Squirrel Finds Out About Love by Jane Evans
This book main aim is to teach children about love; what it looks like, sounds like and feels like. It follows Cyril a Squirrel who doesn’t understand what love is. Does he need it? Can he find it? Cyril sets on an adventure to find the answers to his questions. (Ages 2-6)

Secret, Secret by Daisy Law
Secret, Secret is aimed towards children who have different types of secrets that they may have trouble expressing. This book has a section towards the end which may be beneficial for adults and it explains on how to respond to disclosures. (Ages 5+)

Little Meerkat’s Big Panic by Jane Evans
This book is aimed for showing easy ways for children to calm their body and brain whenever they feel anxious. This book also has guidance for adults on how they can use this book to help children. The story is about a young meerkat whose day was finally here to now be the important look out Meerkat. However, the young Meerkat fell asleep and when he woke up everyone had disappeared. With help from some animals along the way they set off to find the missing Meerkats. (Ages 5+)

Alex and the Scary Things by Melissa Evans
This book has been aimed towards parents/foster carers and professionals which have met children who have experienced trauma. The story follows Alex the alligator who has experienced some things in his life which have been ‘scary’, and how Alex copes with them. (Ages 4-8)

The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself by Ali Redford
This book was written for children who have had painful experiences and how they may build a barrier between themselves. It touches on how to explore how they are feeling and improve communication. Boy the main character built a wall to help him feel safe. The wall makes him feel protected against the world. Until a kind lady finds herself on the other side of the wall and Boy starts to think what life would be like on the other side. (Ages 4-9)

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