Not all superheroes wear capes: A beautiful fostering story


Viewer discretion advised: The below video contains discussions on an emotive topic.

Mohamed Bzeek has become somewhat of a local hero in Los Angeles, taking on a life mission that few others would consider: as a foster carer who cares solely for terminally ill children. Mohamed has taken care of terminally ill children for 20 years. He dedicated his life to fostering, to provide these kids with unconditional warmth and love. ❤️

This story shines a light on the amazing and beautiful work some of our very own Foster Carers undertake. We couldn’t be any prouder of them. One of our very own Foster Carers, Julie, discusses fostering a young person who was diagnosed with a serious illness on our Foster Chat Podcast here.

If you want to find out more about helping young people just like Mohammed, please click the image below.


about-fostering-page arrows.png

(SRC: Brut)

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