Birth Children’s Comments for #SandDM18

Birth Children’s Comments

This Sons and Daughters Month, we are sharing comments from a few of our wonderful birth children. This brilliant blog post give us an insight into how it feels to be a birth child growing up within a family that that fosters.


Futures For Children

“What I like about fostering is how much it is benefiting others and how my mum is helping people who have come from a hard background. My mum is like a superhero helping children… she puts them before herself and will do anything to make them happy.” – J*

“I am able to help children who really need it, be it physically helping or by being there to support any needs a child might have. Also seeing a difference in a child from the beginning to when they are settled is a really positive aspect of living in a fostering household” – R*

“I think it is good that mum wants another foster placement because it makes me feel like we are helping other children” – A*

“I would like another placement to give another child a family and a home” – H*

“I 100% support my parents fostering and the changes they bring to so many lives. I am even considering moving into this profession when I am older.” – R*

Time For Children

“[I like] being able to constantly act upon your duty of care and ensuring a good and safe life. It is a good feeling” – H*

“[I Like] getting to meet different children with different backgrounds” – B*

“[I am] able to surround myself with new people which has had a growing impact on my knowledge and understanding of other cultures. It has [also] given me a chance to give back to the community and strengthen morals that I value such as giving equal opportunities/ treatment to those who are less advantaged.” – L*

“The difference that we as a family are making to the children’s lives, that are not as lucky as we have been. Seeing the children grow in confidence and hopefully change things for the future for them.” – M* and M*

“There are several positive aspects of fostering. For example, meeting new people, it gives my mum a job and I have someone roughly my age at home” – L*

“Meeting different children and greeting them into the family” – C*


Fostering Options

“I enjoy having HJ here, I feel as f he’s part of the family. HJ is a nice boy who is respectful and caring. Me and HJ have spent more time together and I have enjoyed his company” – C*

“We enjoy having a nice big family. I live next door and whenever [mum and dad] have any IT issues I am always there to help” – N* and K*

“It is rewarding seeing the positive changes in the children and nice to know as a family we are part of this” – S*

“It doesn’t even feel like a fostering household” – O*

“I get to help them with homework, we also play games and do activities which is quite fun. Also, if needed they also help me with little things I can’t do myself” – L*

“I am the youngest of my siblings, therefore with the foster children, I get an opportunity to be a role model. I also get to try different things that I wouldn’t usually do because of my age group and have someone to play with” – C*

“Another sibling in the house is nice… it means the family participates in more events and the activities we wouldn’t have if not for the foster child.” – O*


Foster Care Solutions

“As a daughter helping and supporting my mam and dad where I am able to is rewarding. My mam and dad have always been there for the children they have cared for, just like they have always been there for myself and my sister if we have needed them” – D*

“It is nice to see children being themselves around us and feeling like they are safe in our care.” – C*

“The opportunities you are giving to the child whilst fostering. Including stability in the child’s life, helping social, emotional and behavioural aspects.” – S*

“I feel that all placements this year have been a pleasure to be around and be part of our family” – C*

“I think Foster Care Solutions are an amazing company. Not only have they provided great opportunities for the children but also the opportunity they have given my parents. It’s something they had always wanted to do and you gave them this opportunity.” – S*

“It is good seeing my mum give other kids who are less fortunate what she gave me and support them in their lives” – K*


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