‘You need to say something’ A survivor of childhood abuse.


Viewer discretion advised: The below video contains discussions on a distressing topic.

NSPCC has worked with The Guardian Labs to tell the story of Sam and the years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse he endured at the hands of his adoptive father. After almost a decade of suffering, he found the courage to speak up.

The story Sam tells is a true one and all the living contributors have consented to be featured. The film includes information and scenes you may find upsetting.

Sam’s adoptive father, Glenn Smith, killed himself a few weeks after Sam spoke to the police in 2004.

This story shines a light on the distressing and traumatic abuse some of our very own looked-after-children have experienced before being placed in a safe and caring environment with one of our Foster Carers.

If you want to find out more about helping young people just like Sam, please click below.


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Childhood shapes who we become. Abuse never should.

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