Pancake Day Ideas

Foster Care Solutions Pancake Ideas

With Pancake Day nearly here we have compiled a quick overview of fun, quick and easy ideas for you and any little pancake chef’s.

Bear Pancake:
(Makes 2 small pancakes)

Two small scotch pancakes,
½ Small banana
2 Grapes
1 Blueberry
2tsp hazelnut chocolate spread

pancake bear FCS

  1. First prepare the fruit. Peel one small banana and carefully chop 6 thick slices. Then, slice two grapes in half (lengthways) and the same with one blueberry.
  2. Next, cover the top of both pancakes with 1 tsp of hazelnut chocolate spread with the back of a spoon.
  3. Finally, arrange the fruit on each pancake to make the face of a bear. 2 slices of banana for the ears and one for the nose, topped with the half blueberry and two halves of the grapes for eyes.
  4. Time to enjoy your yummy bear pancakes!

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