#NAW2018-National Apprenticeship Week 2018

National Apprenticeship Week 2018

As today marks the end of National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we want to celebrate the apprenticeship scheme and its positive impacts.

Why an apprenticeship?

For many people, choosing an apprenticeship may not be the most apparent choice and it’s something that is often overlooked. However, apprenticeships have many benefits for both the learner and the employer and can lead to great career opportunities.

For many school leavers, university is considered the most popular choice. But prospective students sometimes worry they will be left with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt.

One of the most attractive aspects of an apprenticeship is that apprentices can earn money whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification, without the debt of university fees.

The apprentice will also get relevant hands-on experience in the workplace, learning skills that will be invaluable to future career development. Additionally, learners will get to meet and work with all kinds of people throughout their apprenticeships, such as customers, managers and colleagues, gaining them access to valuable business contacts and building important relationships with professionals who will help shape their future career.

They are big supporters of apprenticeships at Futures Group, they know how rewarding apprenticeships can be and how important they are to the community and the wider economy.

“At the start of February this year, I had the amazing opportunity to start work with Futures for Children’s Marketing department, as an apprentice Marketing Assistant.

I have already learnt many new skills, even in such a short amount of time. I have really enjoyed being able to be creative and share my ideas; assisting with creating content for our social media platforms, writing blogs, thinking of campaigns and learning how to utilise different computer software to develop my skill set.

The team at Futures Group are all so friendly and supportive and have helped me settle in quickly.

I would highly recommend to others to research the benefits of an apprenticeship and to take advantage of the scheme to see where it can lead. I am excited to continue learning and progressing towards a career in marketing.

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