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With Pancake Day nearly here we have compiled a quick, fun and easy pancake recipe for you and any little pancake chef’s.

Bunny Pancake:
(Makes 1 big pancake)

2 large American style pancakes
1 small banana
2 blueberries
1 strawberry

bunny fo

Lets Go

First prepare the fruit. Peel one small banana and cut it in half. Put one half of the banana aside and chop 3 slices out of the other half. Remove the stalk form the strawberry, cut it in half (lengthways) and then half again (widthways), keeping the bigger end.

Next, make the bunny’s cute cheeks. Use one of the large pancakes and carefully cut 2 smaller circles out of it.

Now to arrange the face! Place the two smaller circles onto the second pancake, to make the cheeks. Use the two slices of banana as eyes and cut two teeth out of the remaining slice. Then, cut the remaining half of the banana (lengthways) to use as ears. Pop a blueberry on top of each slice of banana to complete the eyes and add the strawberry for the nose. We cut out thin strips of paper as whiskers.

Time to enjoy your yummy bunny pancake!

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