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Our Christmas Party Antics

A ‘Super’ Christmas (excuse the bad pun )Hopefully, you’ll remember that not long ago we had a crafts/focus group with a group of our children and young people to paint pictures for display at this year’s Christmas party, the chosen theme being superheroes. We also said they’d be a large Christmas tree that will form part of a special surprise for our carers.

Well, that tree made its grand appearance! We asked children to write a special message for their carer (or parent, or grandparent) and decorate their own baubles with the name of their choice on the front, these were then hung on the tree that the children painted (this was a surprise for the carers).

The comments were, for example, things the children really appreciated about their carer, what they thought they were good at, or just a special message they wanted to share. The families then took home their baubles at the end of the party. It was a wonderful opportunity to get together and we really enjoyed it, so much so we wanted to share it with you! Take a moment to check out some of the photos of the day here.

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