Celebrating out Time For Children Carers

A Fantastic Foster Carer Affirmation Celebration


A fantastic time was had by all at last weeks Time for Children Foster Carer Affirmation Seminar. It was a chance to celebrate what our #Foster Carers do; day in, day out, 365 days a year!

The day kicked off with Talks from Anita Feckulack: Time For Children’s’ Registered Manager, Nick Barnsby: Director of Futures Group, Alice Turbine: Futures Group Marketing Officer and finally some great insightful training from Ruth Overton: Inclusion and Emotional Intelligence Trainer.

Shortly after Foster Carers had an opportunity to role play various ‘testing’ situations and put into practice the traffic light system; a tool we utilise to take a moment to not instantly react in the ‘heat of the moment’, it gives us all an opportunity to take a pause, collect our thoughts and put ourselves in the shoes of those involved. Empathy can sometimes be tricky to put into action when things get heated.

Let Us Focus on The Positive

We wanted to focus on affirmation’s and how stopping to register the astonishingly wonderful things that you do can make a positive impact on not only yourself but all those who you may come into contact with.

We topped the day off, handing out flowers, chocolates and Certificates to all of our Foster Carers. Celebrating all they do!

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