Ofsted: The importance in the world of fostering.

Ofsted – What makes a rating so important?

So you are considering becoming a foster carer. There is no doubt this is a huge move and there are a fair few things to consider before you apply. If gauging your own ability to foster wasn’t enough you also need to make sure the Agency you chose has the ability to support you, your immediate family and all involved whilst on this journey.

Fostering rules and regulations are in place to help both Looked After Children, Foster Cares and any other individuals involved.

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills; they inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people. Their reports allow prospective carers an impartial insight into agencies and provide an opportunity to make an informed decision on which agency would be the best fit for you!

We are proud to have achieved a Good OFSTED rating but what does that mean? Below we have provided an excerpt from our most recent OFSTED report:

This is a good fostering service providing well matched and stable placements where young people thrive. The importance of family and co-operation is a philosophy that underpins and permeates through the service from the Responsible Individual to frontline staff and carers.
Young people feel engaged in their care and valued by their carer’s, they feel part of the family and able to express their views and wishes. Strong and effective leadership and management ensure good quality supervision is regularly undertaken.
Carers say that this provides a supportive and reflective forum for them to express themselves honestly and objectively.

Social work staff are motivated and committed to demonstrating competent child-centred practice. This inspires carers in their professional development and practice.
Young people’s health and education are appropriately prioritised and promoted through effective monitoring systems and practice oversight. This ensures young people are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential in later life and make good and very good progress from their starting points.

Management oversight is visible and supportive, guiding staff in their day-to-day practice and promoting the development of the agency.
Good practice is evident and measurable within all key aspects of practice, enhancing young people’s positive experiences of foster care.

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