Letter X – Have you heard of the new threat?

Letter X – Bullying over Social Media or harmless fun?

‘Letter X’ is the latest craze sweeping the nation – it encourages children to post cruel insults towards an intended victim. “Letter X” is being played using the app, Snapchat.

Snapchat is consistently found to be the favoured platform when cyberbullying. Concerns have been raised about the suitability of the app for a younger audience.

Letter X ? A harmless game or something more sinister?

The game begins when an individual sends the letter X to another player and that player mentions someone else as the “victim.”

The victim then becomes the focus of insults and cyberbullying.

Aside from the fact that this “game” is used specifically to bully individuals, Snapchat makes it difficult to monitor because the content “disappears” in 24 hours.

What can we do? If you care for a young person it is best to educate yourself on the game and have a well-informed conversation with any young people in your care about Letter X. This is a game which, at best, can quickly get out of hand, and worst case, is designed to cause serious hurt and harm.

Want more info on how to stay safe on Snapchat? Check out this link

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